Packing a healthy lunch on the Tim Ferriss Slow Carb Diet

What Is Slow Carb Diet By Tim Ferriss ?: The Slow Carb Diet, developed by author Tim Ferriss, provides an effective diet regime that reduces the habit of eating harmful carbs, especially, sugars & grains. Rather, it encourages to eat more proteins, vegetables, meats, and legumes. These techniques are particularly designed to present an easy yet effective diet plans which are collectively referred to as “a simplified diet for beginners”

The major aim of this “Slow Carb Diet” is to promote a rapid weight loss by eating low Glycemic Index (GI) foods.

Packing a healthy lunch on the Tim Ferriss Slow Carb Diet : Top Three Lunch Recipes – If you’re interested in losing weight, you must follow the Slow Carb Diet lunch recipes which help you to maintain a simple and rule-based eating habit. Eventually, by following these recipes, you’ll eat cleaner, feel better, and lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Lunch Recipe 1 : Slow Carb Pea Soup

Ingredients : Bacon (2 Strips), 1 chopped yellow onion, chopped celery, 3 chopped carrots, minced garlic (2 cloves), dried marjoram (2.5 tsp), green peas (1.5 cups), 8 cups of waters, and smoked ham.

Instructions : Initially, cook the bacon using a Dutch oven over a medium-high temperature. When the bacon becomes crispy, remove & and reserve it. Don’t forget to collect the bacon fat & reserve it in a separate pot. Now, add the other ingredients like onion, carrots, garlic, and celery to the bacon fat. Now, Sauté the mixture for around 8-10 minutes. Then add pork & marjoram and cook for another 1 minute. Also, add green peas, stir to coat, & then add water. Decrease temperature to medium-low. Cover the pot, simmer, and stir the mixture for every 5 to 10 minutes, up to 1.25 hours till the pork becomes tender & the peas start falling apart.

Now, remove the ham from the soup. Use an immersion blender to puree the soup. Then, cut pork into few smaller chunks & add them back to the soup. Also, add salt & pepper to taste. While serving the soup, you can crumble the fried bacon on the top.

Lunch Recipe 2 : White Beans With Sage & Tomato

Ingredients : Cannellini beans, diced tomato (2 cups), olive oil (3 tbsp), minced garlic (2 cloves), salt & pepper, chopped sage (2 tsp ).

Instructions : Drain the tomatoes and the beans. Now, heat the olive oil in a large pan over a medium-high heat. Then, add the garlic and thoroughly cook it for 30 seconds to a minute. Add the chopped tomatoes & sauté for around 10 minutes. Finally, add the beans and the sage & season it with pepper & salt, and cook it for around 10 minutes or more. Sprinkle the leftover fresh sage over the top of the dish – and you’re done.

Lunch Recipe 3 : Spice Turkey Burger With Salad

Ingredients : Turkey (1 lbs), harissa (1 tsp), soy sauce (1 tsp), salt (1 tsp), garlic paste (2 cloves), butter leaf lettuce, great northern beans (1 can), and pique hot sauce to taste

Instructions : Put the turkey in a large bowl & add the other ingredients like harissa, soy sauce, & salt into it. Stir the ingredients until they’re well-mixed.

Clean the lettuce & arrange it on your lunch plates. Drain the beans & add to salad.

Now, set the grill to a high temperature. Cut the turkey into two larger paddies. Now, place the turkey straight to the grill & grill it properly until it’s cooked thoroughly (roughly around 3 to 4 minutes per side). After that, flip the burgers, smear the side which you’ve just cooked with the garlic paste.

Now, remove the paddies from your grill, pour the pique hot sauce on top & serve it with salad.






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Gluten Free Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas

Gluten-free diet is one that does not include the gluten type of protein in the diet. Mostly gluten protein is primarily found in grains like wheat, rye, durum, emmer, Semolina and other grains. Most often, people who suffer from Celiac disease are advised to take gluten-free diet as scientists have found out that gluten-free is a fundamental diet in getting rid of the disease. Gluten severely affects people with Celiac diseases by causing inflammation of the small intestines. Gluten-free diet is therefore strongly recommended in order to control signs and symptoms and avert complications.

Sticking to a gluten-free diet may be a daunting task to most people, but with continuous commitment to the diet, it will be simple and enjoyable. Switching to a gluten-free diet is a daunting change and will take a substantial amount of time for somebody to get used to it. The diet restrictions may be hard to follow, but with time, one will realize that there are numerous types of foods we eat daily that are gluten-free.

For starters of gluten-free diet, they should seek advice from a qualified dietician on gluten-free healthy eating hobbits while maintaining a balanced diet. There are various gluten-free foods that can be packed for lunch or while traveling. They include;

Boiled Potatoes and Salmon Salad

Potatoes are very nutritious and are highly recommended here. Salmon salads and chopped mixed greens form a nutritious supplement for the dish by providing vitamins and proteins making the meal balanced.


– Chop the potatoes in to recommended size and soak in salted water

– Boil for about 15 minutes until they are tender and drain water

– Arrange the Salmon fillets and skin-side down and clean them

– Heat oil in minimum heat and add chopped onions and tomatoes

– Put them in a baking tray and season with either salt or pepper.

– Serve with any soft drink.

Sweet Potatoes and Black Bean Chili

Black Bean Chili is an appetizing meal which is mostly recommended for strict vegetarians as they are rich in proteins. The meal is easy to prepare and is best accompanied by sweet potatoes to add to its flavor. It can be prepared for any occasion.


– Chop sweet potatoes to the right size and clean them

– Heat oil in a pot or pan in medium heat

– Add the chopped sweet potatoes and onions and cook for five minutes until the they are soft

– Add chili powder and stir well to mix

– Add the black beans and boil the mixture as you stir them to mix

– Let the mixture cook for about 40 minutes until the mixture is thick and fully cooked

– Add lime juice and garnish with avocado

– Serve with milk or any soft drink,

Broccoli-Bacon Salad

This type of dish is highly recommended for picnics and tours as it is easy to carry and can withstand any temperatures. The salad can be combined with cranberries for delicious results.


-Place bacon in a skillet and cook in medium heat until it turns brownish

-Drain well and scramble

-Mix broccoli, cheese and onions in a large bowl

-Whisk pepper, salt and vinegar together to come up with a fine mixture

-Add salad to the mixture and freeze until ready to serve.

When packing or serving gluten-free food, one is advised to observe extra caution to avoid cross-contamination which may occur when it comes in contact with foods rich in gluten. It can happen during preparing, serving or even packing and will jeopardize the whole process of sticking to gluten-free diet.


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For more great ideas, be sure to check out the following video.

Tips to Packing a healthy lunch if you are vegan

Whether you take after the ever strict to follow vegan schedule, you’re taking a slim-possible vegan test, or you’re without a plan completely, it appears like increasingly most of us have attempted a vegan diet. While going vegan may require more thought and exertion than an unlimited eating routine, with a touch of pre-planning; like checking fixings in locally acquired breads and stocking up on vegan organizer essentials; you can in any case appreciate scrumptious, energizing lunch packs regardless of what time of day. Eating an only plant-based eating routine can be staggeringly fulfilling and delectable; particularly with these generous formulas. Here’s our once-over of simple pressed lunch thoughts, which are certain to incite desirous looks in the play area or container. These pitilessness free lunchbox fillers are extraordinary for both kids and adults, as well.

3 Bean Chili Accompanied with Spring Pesto

With just three types of beans i.e. (chickpeas, cannellini, and kidney-type of bean) you are just a stone-throw away to preparing a protein-full and filling chili. Here is what you require: –


· One tablespoon in addition to 1/4 container additional virgin olive oil

· One little yellow onion, hacked

· Two carrots, well chopped

· One 14.5-ounce can diced tomatoes, including fluid

· A handful of Kosher salt and dark pepper

· One 15.5-ounce can chickpeas, washed and depleted

· One 15.5-ounce can cannellini beans, washed and depleted

· One 15.5-ounce can kidney beans, washed and depleted

· One clove garlic, finely chopped

· Three tablespoons pine nuts, well chopped

· One container crisp level leaf parsley, neatly chopped

· Crusty bread( This is optional but highly recommended)


· Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in an extensive pan over medium warmth. Include the onion and carrots and cook until it becomes soft, this may take around 5 minutes.

· Stir in the tomatoes and their fluid, two containers of water, one and a half tea spoons of salt, and a half tea spoon pepper and heat to the point of boiling.

· Add the chickpeas and cannellini and kidney beans and cook until warmed through, around 3 minutes.

· Combine the garlic, pine-nuts, parsley, remaining quarter container oil, a quarter tea-spoon salt, and an eighth tea-spoon pepper in a little bowl.

· Divide the stew among individual bowls and top up with the pesto. Serve it along with the bread; this is optional.

Russian-Style Potato Salad

This fast, basic side dish is an incredible expansion to your 3 bean Chili with Pesto lunch. It’s additionally awesome in case you’re stuck for time and need to toss something together at last.


· 8–10 new potatoes

· 1 glass petit-pois

· 1/2 cucumber, slashed

· 1/2 apple (any assortment will do), slashed

· 8 cornichons or other comparable pickles, diced

· Vegan mayonnaise (we recommend you use the Plamil brand)


· Place the new potatoes in a pan loaded with water and bubble until it becomes soft, then deplete and put aside to cool. Dice when sufficiently cool to handle.

· Cook the petit-pois as indicated by the bundle directions, then put aside to cool.

· Mix the potatoes, petit-pois, cucumber, cornichons and apple together in an expansive dish. Include the vegan mayonnaise and blend to join.

· Include a Sans dairy yoghurt for your dessert: Popular brands such as Provamel, COYO or Sojade all offer helpful lunchbox-sized fruity yoghurt pots that don’t contain a drop of animal lactate.

With obesity on the ascent , it’s more vital than any other time in recent memory to ensure that we ensure what we are eating is right – and most vegan sustenance are significantly more advantageous than their cholesterol-loaded meat and dairy reciprocals. Obviously, they’re endlessly kinder to creatures, as well. As seen above, there are such a variety of delightful yet somewhat icky vegan treats to offset each one of those sound snacks and plates of mixed greens. Try them for your lunch and you will go vegan all the way.


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More tasty vegan lunch ideas are in the video below. Let us know your favorites!

How You Pack a Healthy Lunch for Your Kids

It is always a challenge packing a healthy lunch for kids if you are a parent, and it takes a lot of time, planning and preparation to pack one that your kids will love and still hold all the nutritious benefits you want them to have. As you well know, lunch time is always a good time for kids to take a break away from all the learning, and actually get to have a nice, come satisfying lunch that will keep them refueled for the rest of the day. It is always good to pack a good lunch, even though you know they won’t always eat it, so to avoid stuffing in cookies and pizza all the time, here is how packing a healthy lunch for kids looks like.

Don’t be afraid to involve your kids

According to some experts, getting them involved in the process of lunch preparation is a perfect ingredient towards packing a healthy lunch for kids. Primarily, their active involvement in lunch preparation allows them to be appreciative of the lunch they’re going to have, simply because they are the ones who made it. You give them food options to choose from, and from different food groups in a bid to make them choose what they’d like to have. This, you can either do, while grocery shopping and allowing them to pick things from the shelf, or while actually packing lunch at a specific kitchen position they’re used to the night before. As you do so, remember not to pack too much food that your kids can’t finish within the, mostly, brief lunch periods.

Incorporate surprises in lunches

You should also have surprise foods added when packing a healthy lunch for kids. This is a food of your own picking, it can be anything that you made recently and packs a lot of nourishing energy. Additionally, be sure to add a little creativity to it by making use of different fun shapes, different everyday by the use of cutters and spiralizers. By constantly doing so, you turn healthy foods into fun foods for your children.

Limit processed snacks, and make your own

A good healthy lunch goes a long way in keeping energy up throughout the day, but it is good to be wise about the type of snack you choose to incorporate in those lunches. Don’t be over-reliant on processed and packaged snacks and treats, which more often than not, lack crucial nutrients, and contain rather high amounts of saturated fats, sugars and sodium. Instead, be in charge and make the snacks yourself. You can opt for fruit leathers, raisins covered in yogurt, energy bites (no bake), and/or ants on a log.

Two perfect lunches you can choose to pack for your kids are a classic tuna salad and rice with avocado and fried eggs. For the tuna salad, you mix capers, mayonnaise, parsley, mustard, onion, tuna, celery, and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a bowl. Make sure you break up the large pieces of tuna till the combination is good. Finally, do a bit of seasoning with a bit of salt and pepper.

In the case of the rice with avocado and fried egg, you need only prepare a mixture of rice, scallions and vinegar and season it with pepper and salt. Then, heat oil over medium heat using a skillet, and use it to make eggs while seasoning with pepper and salt for a minute or so. Flip and cook the other side well for around 30 seconds, and serve a rice bowl, with eggs, avocado and sauce atop.

When packing a healthy lunch for kids, remember that hydration is important, so encourage it.


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Must-Try: Affordable Healthy Lunch Ideas!

What do you usually get for lunch everyday? Most people would just grab a humble sandwich or worse, opt for fast food instead. These are not only boring and expensive, but they are also not very good health-wise. If you want to save up a few precious pennies, all you have to do is pack your own lunch! Chances are they will be a whole lot healthier than the ones you buy commercially every single day.

For Carnivores

Prepare a sturdy sandwich at home and bring it to work for your lunch time fix. If you fancy a lighter alternative, switch the bread for salad.

Sandwich meats can last for a long period of time if refrigerated, so buy a wide selection of sausages and hams before you start a whole new week. Keep different packets of sandwiches in the fridge, so you’ll have multiple choices on what you are going to eat for the day. Doing this will help you achieve a variety of meal choices and there would be a lesser chance of you getting bored with your food.

For the bread, either you buy a big loaf or just head out for fresh rolls from the bakery every day. This is great in giving you a chance to walk and take in fresh air.

Buy condiments such as butter and mustard to spice up your sandwich, and just store them in your fridge.

For Vegans

Vegetarians have it easier when it comes to packing lunch! During your trip to the grocery store, invest in your favorite seasonal salad veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, avocados, peppers or whatever suits your appetite. Grab a bottle of ready-made salad dressing. You can also opt for balsamic vinegar and olive oil, or packets of seeds such as sunflower or sesame. All of these will already give you a decent salad that could compete to the ones that you can buy on restaurants – and on a much lesser price, too! As soon as you’re in the office and it’s your lunch break, chop up the veggies and presto! Your lunch is ready.

If you think that salad wont be enough to last you until dinnertime, buy bread rolls or crackers to go with your meal. Spreads like hummus or peanut butter make a great accompaniment to these.


If you include a few cheap filling and healthy munchies in your lunch box, you wont have the urge to spend so much for a big lunch.

You can consume a large quantity of fruits and you can still get away with it because it wont make you fat! They are also good news for your bank account, so grab a couple of those nectarines and peaches and bring them to work!

Oats are well-known for its substantiality and health benefits. It can also give you lots of energy. Store some in your bag, so whenever you feel a bit hungry and you just want to munch on something guilt-free, just eat them and consume as much as you can. Just make sure that you opt for the sugar-free kind of cereal bars. Although they have been advertised as being healthy, they are actually the opposite.


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Healthy School Lunches (Video)

Enjoy this quick video on creating healthy packed lunches for your kiddos! Stay tuned as we will be posting more about how to pack healthy lunches for everyone in the family! We are glad you found us! 🙂