Gluten Free Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas

Gluten-free diet is one that does not include the gluten type of protein in the diet. Mostly gluten protein is primarily found in grains like wheat, rye, durum, emmer, Semolina and other grains. Most often, people who suffer from Celiac disease are advised to take gluten-free diet as scientists have found out that gluten-free is a fundamental diet in getting rid of the disease. Gluten severely affects people with Celiac diseases by causing inflammation of the small intestines. Gluten-free diet is therefore strongly recommended in order to control signs and symptoms and avert complications.

Sticking to a gluten-free diet may be a daunting task to most people, but with continuous commitment to the diet, it will be simple and enjoyable. Switching to a gluten-free diet is a daunting change and will take a substantial amount of time for somebody to get used to it. The diet restrictions may be hard to follow, but with time, one will realize that there are numerous types of foods we eat daily that are gluten-free.

For starters of gluten-free diet, they should seek advice from a qualified dietician on gluten-free healthy eating hobbits while maintaining a balanced diet. There are various gluten-free foods that can be packed for lunch or while traveling. They include;

Boiled Potatoes and Salmon Salad

Potatoes are very nutritious and are highly recommended here. Salmon salads and chopped mixed greens form a nutritious supplement for the dish by providing vitamins and proteins making the meal balanced.


– Chop the potatoes in to recommended size and soak in salted water

– Boil for about 15 minutes until they are tender and drain water

– Arrange the Salmon fillets and skin-side down and clean them

– Heat oil in minimum heat and add chopped onions and tomatoes

– Put them in a baking tray and season with either salt or pepper.

– Serve with any soft drink.

Sweet Potatoes and Black Bean Chili

Black Bean Chili is an appetizing meal which is mostly recommended for strict vegetarians as they are rich in proteins. The meal is easy to prepare and is best accompanied by sweet potatoes to add to its flavor. It can be prepared for any occasion.


– Chop sweet potatoes to the right size and clean them

– Heat oil in a pot or pan in medium heat

– Add the chopped sweet potatoes and onions and cook for five minutes until the they are soft

– Add chili powder and stir well to mix

– Add the black beans and boil the mixture as you stir them to mix

– Let the mixture cook for about 40 minutes until the mixture is thick and fully cooked

– Add lime juice and garnish with avocado

– Serve with milk or any soft drink,

Broccoli-Bacon Salad

This type of dish is highly recommended for picnics and tours as it is easy to carry and can withstand any temperatures. The salad can be combined with cranberries for delicious results.


-Place bacon in a skillet and cook in medium heat until it turns brownish

-Drain well and scramble

-Mix broccoli, cheese and onions in a large bowl

-Whisk pepper, salt and vinegar together to come up with a fine mixture

-Add salad to the mixture and freeze until ready to serve.

When packing or serving gluten-free food, one is advised to observe extra caution to avoid cross-contamination which may occur when it comes in contact with foods rich in gluten. It can happen during preparing, serving or even packing and will jeopardize the whole process of sticking to gluten-free diet.


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