How You Pack a Healthy Lunch for Your Kids

It is always a challenge packing a healthy lunch for kids if you are a parent, and it takes a lot of time, planning and preparation to pack one that your kids will love and still hold all the nutritious benefits you want them to have. As you well know, lunch time is always a good time for kids to take a break away from all the learning, and actually get to have a nice, come satisfying lunch that will keep them refueled for the rest of the day. It is always good to pack a good lunch, even though you know they won’t always eat it, so to avoid stuffing in cookies and pizza all the time, here is how packing a healthy lunch for kids looks like.

Don’t be afraid to involve your kids

According to some experts, getting them involved in the process of lunch preparation is a perfect ingredient towards packing a healthy lunch for kids. Primarily, their active involvement in lunch preparation allows them to be appreciative of the lunch they’re going to have, simply because they are the ones who made it. You give them food options to choose from, and from different food groups in a bid to make them choose what they’d like to have. This, you can either do, while grocery shopping and allowing them to pick things from the shelf, or while actually packing lunch at a specific kitchen position they’re used to the night before. As you do so, remember not to pack too much food that your kids can’t finish within the, mostly, brief lunch periods.

Incorporate surprises in lunches

You should also have surprise foods added when packing a healthy lunch for kids. This is a food of your own picking, it can be anything that you made recently and packs a lot of nourishing energy. Additionally, be sure to add a little creativity to it by making use of different fun shapes, different everyday by the use of cutters and spiralizers. By constantly doing so, you turn healthy foods into fun foods for your children.

Limit processed snacks, and make your own

A good healthy lunch goes a long way in keeping energy up throughout the day, but it is good to be wise about the type of snack you choose to incorporate in those lunches. Don’t be over-reliant on processed and packaged snacks and treats, which more often than not, lack crucial nutrients, and contain rather high amounts of saturated fats, sugars and sodium. Instead, be in charge and make the snacks yourself. You can opt for fruit leathers, raisins covered in yogurt, energy bites (no bake), and/or ants on a log.

Two perfect lunches you can choose to pack for your kids are a classic tuna salad and rice with avocado and fried eggs. For the tuna salad, you mix capers, mayonnaise, parsley, mustard, onion, tuna, celery, and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a bowl. Make sure you break up the large pieces of tuna till the combination is good. Finally, do a bit of seasoning with a bit of salt and pepper.

In the case of the rice with avocado and fried egg, you need only prepare a mixture of rice, scallions and vinegar and season it with pepper and salt. Then, heat oil over medium heat using a skillet, and use it to make eggs while seasoning with pepper and salt for a minute or so. Flip and cook the other side well for around 30 seconds, and serve a rice bowl, with eggs, avocado and sauce atop.

When packing a healthy lunch for kids, remember that hydration is important, so encourage it.


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