Must-Try: Affordable Healthy Lunch Ideas!

What do you usually get for lunch everyday? Most people would just grab a humble sandwich or worse, opt for fast food instead. These are not only boring and expensive, but they are also not very good health-wise. If you want to save up a few precious pennies, all you have to do is pack your own lunch! Chances are they will be a whole lot healthier than the ones you buy commercially every single day.

For Carnivores

Prepare a sturdy sandwich at home and bring it to work for your lunch time fix. If you fancy a lighter alternative, switch the bread for salad.

Sandwich meats can last for a long period of time if refrigerated, so buy a wide selection of sausages and hams before you start a whole new week. Keep different packets of sandwiches in the fridge, so you’ll have multiple choices on what you are going to eat for the day. Doing this will help you achieve a variety of meal choices and there would be a lesser chance of you getting bored with your food.

For the bread, either you buy a big loaf or just head out for fresh rolls from the bakery every day. This is great in giving you a chance to walk and take in fresh air.

Buy condiments such as butter and mustard to spice up your sandwich, and just store them in your fridge.

For Vegans

Vegetarians have it easier when it comes to packing lunch! During your trip to the grocery store, invest in your favorite seasonal salad veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, avocados, peppers or whatever suits your appetite. Grab a bottle of ready-made salad dressing. You can also opt for balsamic vinegar and olive oil, or packets of seeds such as sunflower or sesame. All of these will already give you a decent salad that could compete to the ones that you can buy on restaurants – and on a much lesser price, too! As soon as you’re in the office and it’s your lunch break, chop up the veggies and presto! Your lunch is ready.

If you think that salad wont be enough to last you until dinnertime, buy bread rolls or crackers to go with your meal. Spreads like hummus or peanut butter make a great accompaniment to these.


If you include a few cheap filling and healthy munchies in your lunch box, you wont have the urge to spend so much for a big lunch.

You can consume a large quantity of fruits and you can still get away with it because it wont make you fat! They are also good news for your bank account, so grab a couple of those nectarines and peaches and bring them to work!

Oats are well-known for its substantiality and health benefits. It can also give you lots of energy. Store some in your bag, so whenever you feel a bit hungry and you just want to munch on something guilt-free, just eat them and consume as much as you can. Just make sure that you opt for the sugar-free kind of cereal bars. Although they have been advertised as being healthy, they are actually the opposite.


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